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The listing service for sellers is FREE. Let’s face it, when it comes to real estate, it’s rare that a buyer has the same price in mind as the seller. No matter what price the property is listed at, the buyer will generally make a lower offer. This may be uncomfortable, yet that’s just the way the game is played.

Kriggle.com is designed to eliminate the need to haggle. When listing your property, you start the price at your ideal level, let’s say $200,000 for example. Then, using our easy listing wizard, you set the price parameters of your listing to drop daily, weekly or monthly by a set amount, depending on your urgency to liquidate.

Let’s say for example a price reduction of $5,000 per month. That means that the price meter on your listing will be perpetually dropping $166 daily, $6.94 hourly or $0.11 per minute. Your meter is continually refreshed automatically and will reflect a new lower price accordingly. At the end of 30 days, the price will reach $195,000. When a buyer is interested in your property, that person can set a price alert and will receive a notification when it reaches the number he’s willing to pay. On the other hand, the buyer has to be careful not to wait too long because someone else may have a higher price in mind, and lose on the deal. Add your listing for free right now and receive a free sign delivered to attract even more attention to your property.      List Your Property Now

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How Does This Work?

Let's face it, the real estate market conditions today are irrational and difficult, and the way real estate has been sold for decades just doesn't work anymore. Kriggle.com is designed to provide sellers, banks and realtors with a totally new and innovative tool to bring real attention to their property holdings and stand out far ahead of the competition.

Kriggle.com is the nation’s first of its kind real estate listing service. Unlike most ordinary real estate websites in America that merely list properties with a set price and unrealistic expectations, Kriggle.com is taking a whole new and realistic approach from "outside the box" to get the property sold by using our unique perpetual price reduction platform based on custom parameters set by the seller, while buyers and investors set price alerts on selected properties that they're watching.
The price begins at a reasonable level and self adjusts every minute of the day, as determined by the seller's motivation level, until the price is parallel with actual market conditions in that area, or basically, what a potential buyer is willing to pay. At that point the buyers would contact the seller to stop the clock, and the sale is on.

For a limited time Kriggle.com listings and signage is absolutely free, so go ahead and post as many listings as you desire.


Our nationwide search function will be enabled with our Beta-2 platform scheduled to be launched in mid 2012. We are currently marketing our primary test areas in the state of Georgia and Florida, but you may still post your free listings for anywhere in the country and receive your free signage.